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     The primary mission of The New Hungarian Voice is to promote Hungarian culture, by making our nation’s history, arts, literature, current events and music more accessible to ethnic Hungarian, new immigrants and non-Hungarians.
     Just as Hungary has often been in precarious political situations, ethnic Hungarian communities are in precarious situations socially. Many ethnic groups suffer similarly for many reasons – primarily, the new generations have broadened their social circles while the older ones remain happy with what has become familiar. Aside from the age-old generational challenges, Hungarians are also faced with conflicts within the community. Hungarian immigrants have been exposed to political ideologies that range wildly from extreme right to extreme left, which have left many with feelings of distrust and fear – when added to an already passionate national psyche, one can understand that working together can have its difficulties.
     In the years that I have worked with the Hungarian community I have met countless people who have long ago thrown up their hands and given up on the ‘Hungarian cause’ – often stress and heartache is the only reward for dedicated volunteers. Most children of the original Hungarian immigrants refuse to have anything to do with their parents’ culture. We hope to change that trend by offering our information in English, now the first language of so many ethnic Hungarians; and by exposing the public to the many dedicated Hungarians who quietly and independently work, not only to preserve their roots and history, but who have the desire to share their heritage with all people. We hope to present our heritage accurately and with dignity, while expressing our own original perspectives in a modern and useful format.

Péter Czink - Editor, Art Director
     Peter Czink was born and raised in Canada by Hungarian immigrants who fled their homeland after the 1956 Revolution. His first experience with volunteerism was in 1978, as one of the pioneer members of the Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation, and his devotion to historical preservation has never waned. It was in that decade that he had his first years of para-military experience, and served his country again in the 1990s. Just before the dawn of the 21st Century, he began immersing himself in his heritage and culture, and today he is considered one of most dedicated and hard-working Hungarian-Canadians.
     A staunch advocate for raising awareness of cultural challenges, and a tireless promoter of Hungarian arts, culture and history, Czink is also founder and editor of the New Hungarian Voice – one of the world’s most popular English language Hungarian periodicals. For many descendents of Hungarian immigrants, his work has ensured that their culture and heritage is accessible and interactive.
Also on a voluntary basis, he revitalized the Vancouver Chapter of the World Federation of Hungarian Veterans, which he led for nine years. In 2008, he made the bold move of founding a new organization – the International Hungarian Military History Preservation Society. The vision of the IHMHPS is to educate English speaking people about Hungary’s millennia of military history, and to scientifically document the past in order to better understand the present. He has shed and unlearned the political and racial feuds sparked by centuries of European conflict, and hopes that through innovative education and tolerance, we can all do our part to make the world a better and more peaceful place.
     Peter Czink is also on the board of directors of a number of other cultural and historical groups in Canada and abroad, and is involved with many veteran’s associations in Europe. For his outstanding skill and dedication, as well as his continuous philanthropy, he has received numerous awards from institutions and military organizations in Canada, Hungary, Austria and Germany.

Lorraine Weideman
- Editor, Webmaster
    Born in Edmonton, Lorraine inherited her exceptional passion for the Hungarian cause from her paternal grandmother, who came to Canada from the Bánát region of Transylvania.
     She is one of the driving forces behind many of the most successful Vancouver-Hungarian community projects, and she has used her vast fine-arts, design and business experience to modernize numerous cultural and historical enterprises.
     Lorraine involves herself in every aspect of the NHV – from design and presentation of our projects and publications to the creation and maintenance of our website. Her skill and experience with organization, and event planning, her tireless and exemplary volunteer work-ethics, and her knowledge of historical artefacts has earned Lorraine respect and admiration from the community.